• It is the mission of the Exceptional Student Education Program at Hawks Rise to provide opportunities and programs that encourage students to develop academic and social skills commensurate with their abilities. We currently have 3 classrooms that provide Communication Behavior and Social Skills (CBS) for Pre-K through fifth grades, full-time varying exceptionalities programs for kindergarten through fifth grades, programs in co-teaching and inclusion settings in kindergarten through fifth grades, as well as gifted education classes for kindergarten through fifth grades.

    Be sure to read the brief descriptions of each of our exceptional student programs. Our Exceptional Student Education teachers are committed to giving exceptional students the means of achieving their annual goals as specified on each student's Individual Educational Plan while educating them in the least restrictive environment.

    If you have any questions, please contact the guidance counselors at Hawks Rise at 850.488.6180, or the Exceptional Student Education office at 850.487.7158.