first aid kit
  • The Leon County School board has adopted a strict policy in regard to administering medicine to students. If your child has any medication that needs to be taken during school hours, a Medication Permission Form must be completed identifying the medication (aspiring, cough medicine, prescription drugs, etc.) and indicating the time(s) it is to be taken. Board policy requires that over-the-counter medications be accepted for 5 calendar days only. Parents may not renew permission after the 5 calendar day period ends and must pick up the medication from the clinic no more than a week after the permission form expires. Medications needed beyond the 5 calendar day limit will require a written order from the physician. Medication is administered ONLY by the administrative staff or designee. All medication must come in original containers clearly labeled with the child’s name and dosage. (Ask your pharmacist to provide the extra bottle.) No permission do administer medication will be granted by phone as per Leon County School Board policy.
    Fever -
    If a child complains of feeling ill, his/her temperature will be taken in the school clinic. Temperatures of 99.6 degrees are only one degree above normal and may be typical for some children. Students may not remain at school with a temperature above 100.0 degrees. They must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
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