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Cafeteria Information

  • Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join their child for lunch in our cafeteria. Lunches brought from home should be nutritious and not include candy or soft drinks. Lunch is mandatory.

    The following lunchroom behavior program has been implemented to assist with keeping order in the cafeteria. These lunchroom rules will be monitored:
    Get up only with permission.
    Eat only your own food.
    Face forward and talk in a quiet voice only to those at your table.
    Use good table manners.
    Clean around your place before leaving.

    If a rule is broken, the child’s teacher will receive a written notice from a lunchroom aide indicating the infraction. The student may be given an assigned seat and depending on severity, the student will be required to eat lunch at a separate table in the lunch room the next day. Any student receiving three referrals will not be allowed to eat their lunch in the lunchroom the next day. Teachers will send a note home for the parent’s signature for three-ticket repeat offenders.

    The Hawks Rise cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:50 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.  There will be a variety of cereals, fruit juice & milk available. Some days will feature something extra - such as pancakes or scrambled eggs.

    Lunch begins at
    10:46 a.m. and ends at 12:50 p.m.  The children can choose up to five items, but must choose a minimum of three.  Lunch consists of a meat, vegetables, fruit, bread and milk. 

    Parents, please give the cafeteria manager at least two days notice if you want to have lunch with your child.

    When submitting payment by check, the following information must be on it:
    1. name
    2. physical address
    3. one telephone number
    4. child's first and last name, and teacher's name (in the memo space on the bottom left of the check.)

    To pay on-line, click here:

    Breakfast Prices
    Students: $1.00
    Adults: $1.50
    Lunch Prices

    Entree: $2.00
    Side:  $.50
    Milk: $.50
    $3.00 includes drink
    Entree: $1.75
    Side: $.50
    Drink: $1.00

    Pre-Paid Weekly:
    Prepaid Monthly:

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