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    It was wonderful to meet everyone at Orientation today. If you were not able to make it, please see me for your child's information folder. I will need the K information sheet filled out and your child's end of the day transportation information before you leave. Please remember to have your badge or daily sticker made before you come on campus. Everyone is expected to sign in at the office and get a new one each time unless you already have your permanant one.In which case, you will need to stop at the office at the beginning of each month to get the new background color. Your old color will not be allowed to sub for new colors.  If you want to volunteer in the classroom or for field trips, you will need to fill out the online volunteer clearance information at leonschools.net and you will be notified if you have been cleared to come in the room etc. This must be done before you come in the room or on the fieldtrip.
    First day drop off notes:
    -Please understand that it is more beneficial to do a quick drop off at the door versus staying longer in the room. Some children are fine with this but most others will start to fall apart the longer their adult is in the room the first few weeks of school :) And even if your child won't have a problem with it, others might just only by seeing someone else's families there. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I will have helpers in the room to help your child unpack,etc. Please make sure the following items are labeled with your child's name: Full change of clothes, seperate snack items, lunch box if bringing one, water bottle if bringing one for PE days,backpacks(names on inside only for safety reasons)
    -The first day, you may walk your child to the K/1st playground and walk to the room and say goodbyes outside the door or goodbyes at playground. If you are dropping off at parent pick up, there will be someone there to walk your child to the playground. Their things will be hung on the fence by my teacher name sign.
    I will be picking them up the first few days from the playground when the first bell rings. After that, safety patrol and aides will be dropping them off at the room. There will be "Boo Hoo/WooHoo breakfast for parents afterwards.
    The rest of the year:
    - You may drop your child off at 7:45 until 8:20. If it is inclement weather,they will go to the Music room. Otherwise, Kindergarteners walk to the K-1 playground in the back of the school building. They can hang their backpacks on the fence next to my name sign. 
      If you are dropping off after 8:20( 1st bell), please bring them to our room. If it is after 8:30, you must go to the office for a tardy pass. After the first day, they will either need to go to the playground/or Music room before 8:20. After that, you will need to bring them to the room and wait because they are not allowed to stand outside the door and wait with an adult.
    First day reminders:
    Please have your child go to bed early the first weeks of school. They will be tired :) Remember to send in a FULL change of emergency clothes( socks,underwear, shirt, shorts/pants) each labeled with your child's name in a plastic bag also labeled with their name. This will be kept in their cubbies all year. As the weather changes, please send in appropriate clothing. 
    Our lunch time is from 11:00-11:25. They can buy lunch or bring their own. We unpack our things every morning. Any money will need to be marked with their name, my name and grade and put inside an envelope. Any lunchboxes will need to be labeled with their names. Candy and soda are not allowed in lunch boxes or for snack.Please also let me know if your child has any peanut products with them that day because they will need to sit away from our allergy tables. They will still be with us but just at a different spot at our table. 
    I will be with them in the lunchroom for the first few days. They are expected to stay seated, use soft voices and talking only to their neighbors. If they need something, they will need to raise their hand and wait for a lunchroom helper. You are also more than welcome to come and have lunch with your child if you think they will be able to handle you leaving afterwards.:) 
    We also have a daily snack in the afternoon. Please do not send any yogurt, Go-gurts or fruit cups. These cannot be refridgerated here at school and they spill easliy causing messes and bugs. You may send 1 small healthy snack and 1 small drink(please no red punch because it stains) labeled in a bag or small reusable lunch bag. These will also be unpacked from backpacks daily. Please remind your child, that, although we love that they care enough to share with others, they are not allowed to share food at lunch nor at snack time due to food allergies.
    If you have any questions, please email me at ramosm@leonschools.net. I will get back to you within 48 hours. 
    If you have any transportation changes, you must call the office before 12:00 if possible so they can officially let me know. I am not allowed to make the change unless the office has been called. Your child may not tell me .
    Please also check my website for our Special Area calendar. It will tell you where your child is going each day for the month. We are on a 5 day rotation but it doesn't necessarily stay same / day of the week. So please check to make sure where they will go each day. This is important especially on PE days because they are expected to wear tennis shoes that day and they can also bring a labeled water bottle. They will need to wear tennis shoes that whole day as we do not have time in our schedule to change everyone's shoes. It would actually be better for them to wear tennis shoes every day (playground, etc) but are required on PE days. They will be marked off after the first week of school in that class for not being able to participate for safety reasons.
    I look forward to the many adventures we will have this year!! 
    Sincerely, Mrs.Ramos
Last Modified on August 11, 2019