Registration Information

  • Requirements for Student Enrollment

    1. Proof of residence, including one of the following documents:

     -Current mortgage statement, current lease agreement, or property tax exemption AND

     -Current utility bill, with payment stub attached 

     -Please contact the district reassignment office if living out of the school zone until house is complete.

    2. IMMUNIZATION RECORD: Florida DOH Form 680 "Blue Card" including hepatitis series, Tdap vaccine (for 7th and 8th graders), and two varicella vaccines.



    5. SOCIAL SECURITY CARD (optional)

    6. WITHDRAWAL FORM, with transfer grades 

    7. LAST REPORT CARD, with promotion information


    9. IEP, EP, or 504, if applicable

    Information for Legal Guardians:
    Anyone wishing to enroll a minor student other than a parent must show proof of legal guardianship. This may be documented by a copy of: 1) legal documents showing that temporary or full legal guardianship has been applied for or awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction; or 2) documentation of placement under any court of competent jurisdiction or by any state agency having jurisdiction. LCSB Policy 3.02(2)(f)(1)

    Please contact the registrar with any questions, or to schedule an appointment for enrollment.

    Lori Hager, Registrar

    Montford Middle School

    5789 Pimlico Drive

    Tallahassee, Florida 32309 


    850-922-4848 (fax)