Mid-term review

    Mid term review 


    Graphing worksheet

    Worksheet for graphs :-)


    Chapter 5 learning log

    CH 5 Learning Log



    Week of October 1st

    To retake the test on Friday you must have the following

    1- All 3 homeworks for this week SHOWING ALL WORK!!

    2- Test corrections completed AND signed by your parent

    3- All missing assignments from chapter 3 completed, do not forget to show your work!

    4- Algebra Nations completed!


    Homework this week is below.

    Do not forget to write it on a separate piece of paper the way I showed you.  SHOW YOUR WORK!!!!!


    October 1st- Literal equations  Homework 10/1

    October 2nd- Absolute value  Homework 10/2

    October 3rd- Inequality  Homework 10/3    you MUST show your work!


    Homework answer 10/3






    Current Learning Log (this has all of your assignments for this unit)

    Old Learning Logs


    Ch 3 Learning Log


    UP dated ch 2 learning log

    Learning Log Chapter 1


    Algbera Nation

    To access Algebra Nation

    1-go to classlink

    2-click on the Algebra Nation app (if it is not there go to the plus sign and add the app)

    3-classlink will sign you in

    4-under videos and more click on On-Ramp 

    5-click "Let's go" and begin working



     Test Correction Worksheet





5x + 6 = 26