Foundations of Civics:  Student Service Learning


    Conducting service learning is a great way to develop skills, make new friends, gain experience, and to make your community a better place to live. You can become familiar with local service opportunities through writing or calling local public help agencies.


    Civics Class Student Service Learning Component:

    Each student will be required to complete a total of 5 hours of Student Service Learning during each 9-week period. The organization selected must be contacted by the student and approved by the teacher before participation in the service begins.  Note: Extra credit can be accumulated at one point per extra hour worked.  There will be a 10 point ceiling.


    Requirement Dates:

    August 22nd:           Parent Verification is due. Parent approval is required for all community service experiences.  Parent must complete the form and return it to the teacher indicating consent for their child to participate in Student Service Learning or indicating that their child will complete the Alternative Assignments.


    September 4th:      Contact to Organization for 1st 9-weeks Student Service Learning must be submitted for approval. You may NOT begin completing your service until your location has been approved by your Civics teacher. This must include the place, contact name, phone #, email address & an idea of what type of work will be done. Parent Consent is required! See “Contact to Organization” Sheet for details.


    October 3rd:           1st Nine Weeks Individual Student Service Learning Project/Information Sheet is due. This will include a detailed essay discussing what work was completed, where it was completed, the dates and hours worked, the supervisor’s name, phone # and signature, and an essay describing your experience (150 word minimum). You will also be required to have 2 pictures of your experience. These photos should be of you doing your Service Learning & should give a visual of your whole experience. They should be neatly cropped and attached to the second page of your essay sheet. Each photo should be accompanied by a 2 sentence written explanation.                



    December 7th:        Second 9-weeks Service Learning Project due


    January 9th:             Contact to Organization for 3rd 9-weeks is due only if it is a change 


    March 1st:                Third 9-weeks Individual Service Learning Project due


    May 17th:                  Fourth 9-weeks Service Learning Project due



    Student Service Learning is a wonderful way to take part in making our community a better place by being involved citizens. To make the most of your experience, select a location that interests you. Good luck, have fun, and make a difference!