Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Elementary, B.S Early Childhood Education, M.S. Reading

Ms. Tarquinio

About the Teacher

My name is Susan Tarquinio. I am have been married to Chris Tarquinio for 30 years. He is a musician and has played in many of the local bands. He also has played in the pit orchestra for show at serveral of the Leon County high schools and at  FSU. He is also a horticulturalist and a wine rep. We have one daughter, Gianna, who recently graduated from FSU with dual majors in Biology and Environmental science with minors in math, chemistry, physics and earth, ocean, and atmospheric science.

This is my 47th year of teaching. I began teaching in 1975 at the age of 19. I taught kindergarten my first five years and first grade for the last 41 years. I am a first grade teacher. I love teaching first grade. There is magic in first grade. I see it every year as the students start to read and then, magically, are reading. We as parents and teacher work with our kids and give them tools to assist them in learning to read, but there is a day or week where they are not just learning to read, but (poof!) they are reading.

Most first graders still have an innocent quality. They trust adults be fair and kind. They expect and believe that people are nice. They want to please their parents, their teachers, their friends, and themselves. They are wonderful people to be with and to teach.

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