Accelerated Reader for Beginners

  • Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that helps to track student comprehension, progress toward set goals, and overall progress in reading over the coarse of the school year.  

    *At this time, all students are reading books that are considered “AR books”, but they must qualify to be able to test on books.


    Qualifications to test on AR books.

    • Independent Worker
    • 1.3 Score on the STAR Test
    • Knows all Kindergarten Sight Words


    What does it look like for the students when they begin?

    1. Students choose and read books within assigned reading range.
    2. Students must read the book at least 3 times and be able to tell the characters, main events, and important details.
    3. When ready, the student logs into the AR program to complete a 3, 5, or 10 question test about the content of the book.
    4. Students can earn points toward goal (based on performance). Most primary books are .5 points each at 100%. Students are expected to maintain a comprehension average of 85% or higher each nine weeks.
    5. Reading logs will not have to be kept when students begin AR.


Last Modified on September 5, 2021