• Guidance The Hawks Rise Elementary guidance team serves as a resource for students and their families in our school community.   All children can achieve with proper instruction, care and guidance, and our mission is to support students as they develop an understanding of themselves and others, create and achieve academic and personal goals, and grow into responsible citizens. 

    The guidance team offers daily classes, individual counseling and small group counseling for students; facilitates parent-teacher conferences; assists with assessments and academic evaluations; and coordinates events throughout the year including Green Team, Mentor Program, Human Growth and Development, Anti-Bullying programming, Red Ribbon Week, Helping Hands, and other programs designed to encourage the social, personal, academic, and citizenship development of all students.

    Guidance Counselor Roles

    Lisa German:

    • Referral Coordinator: RtI process, ESE staffings, gifted
    • 504 Coordinator
    • Special area teacher-2nd grade
    • Xcel teacher: K-2
    • Individual counseling needs: K,2,4
    • Conflict resolution support if needed: K, 2, 4
    • Recycling coordinator/Green Team 

    Shawn Einarson:

    • ESOL Coordinator-Includes ACCESS for ELL’s
    • Special area teacher-1st grade
    • Individual counseling needs: Grades 1,3,5
    • PBIS Champion
    • Conflict resolution support if needed: Grades 1,3,5
    • Mentor coordinator
    • DCF contact and faculty support
    • Contact for Families in Transition (FIT)