• Attendance Phone Number (850) 617-5748

    Attendance Fax Number (850) 617-5757

    Clinic Phone Number (850) 617-5701



    All absences must be followed by a note from the student’s parent or guardian.

    Please send emails to or fax notes to 850-617-5757 to excuse students.

    Each note should include:                                                                           

    • The student’s name
    • Grade
    • Reason for absence and a parental signature and phone number
    • Please do not use family emergency as a reason for absences.
    • Absences must fall under the following to be excused.
      • Illness or medical care (medical evidence may be required for absences exceeding (5) consecutive days
      • Appointments (must provide documentation from the medical or service provider)
      • Death/Bereavement in the family
      • Religious holiday (must fill out religious form on website under Forms tab)
      • Financial and other special circumstances insurmountable conditions 
      • School sponsored-field trips
      • Pre-arranged absences for educational purposes (must complete a pre-arranged form on website under the Forms tab
      • Special Note: All students must check out in the attendance office when leaving campus for any reason (appointments, illness, etc.)


    Student Dress Code-shortened version

    No spaghetti straps.  Straps must be at least 2 inches wide.

    No holes in jeans above the knee.

    No see-through and tight fitting clothing.

    Undergarments must not show.

    No pajama pants or slippers

    No sagging pants

    Shirts/tops must not display profane language, vulgar or crude printing and/or graphics

    Shorts and dresses must be at least finger-tip length.


    Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a Dress Code Violation.

    You will be asked to wear a garment supplied by the Attendance Office for the rest of

    The day or your parent/guardian will be called to bring appropriate clothing to school.

    The attendance policy and dress are explained in detail in students' agenda book on the home page.

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