• Inter Club Council (ICC)

    List of Clubs & non-sport Activity groups at Leon


    Amitie – French interest/social club

    Sponsor:  Arnaud Gazelle, N206


    Anime – watch, work, discuss, create Anime

    Sponsor: Cody Lewis, IA4


    Anchor – girls service club

    Sponsor: Susan Holmes, Main Office


    Art Club/Art Honor Society – learn about and produce art, serve in art-related projects, submit art for competitions and awards

    Sponsor:  Sarah Raulerson, N220 & Andy Steinbrink


    Astronaut Challenge Club – science/rocket/ aerospace study, activities, and competition

    Sponsor:  Brian Corbin 109


    Black Student Union – interests and issues pertaining to black community and Leon HS

    Sponsor:  Allen Copeland, 209


    Black History Brain Bowl – study and quiz over info related to black history

    Sponsor:  Allen Copeland, 209


    Brain Bowl – study and quiz over broad spectrum of knowledge

    Sponsor: Keith Lassiter, 204


    Chess Club – meets to learn, play, discuss, and compete in the game of chess

    Sponsor:  Dean Struempf, N103


    Color Guard – not a “club”, but group affiliated with the marching band

    Sponsor:  Emily Cain, N114


    Culture Club – connecting and learning about diverse cultures and languages from around the world

    Sponsor:  TBD


    Dance Marathon – raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network and Shands Childrens’ Hospital in Gainesville, FL

    Sponsor:  Kayce Giglio, 217


    Eco Club – focus on ecological and environmental issues

    Sponsor: Brian Corbin, 109


    English Honor Society – good GPA in English classes

    Sponsor:  Marty Towey, 302


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – open to all students interested in connecting with Christ and each other

    Sponsor:  Mallory McGinnis, 216 Testing Office


    Fishing Club – connecting students around sport/hobby fishing; primarily bass fishing

    Sponsor:  Corey Green, 202


    French Honor Society – good GPA in French classes

    Sponsor:  Arnaud Gazelle, N206


    Gaming Club/DnD – learning, playing, and discussing Dungeons and Dragons and similar types of games

    Sponsor:  Dean Struempf, N103


    Garden – use school garden plot to grow and work

    Sponsor:  Martha Towey, 302


    Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) – connects both gay and straight students for projects, policy, and service

    Sponsor:  Erica Sears, 211


    Interact – co-ed service club; connected with Rotary

    Sponsor:  Cesar Kothe, 311


    Key – co-ed service club; connected with Kiwanis

    Sponsor:  Martina Taylor, 315


    Ladies of Distinction – girls service club focusing on personal/professional development and school/community service

    Sponsor:  Ramona Green, Student Affairs Office


    Model United Nations (UN) – creates mock United Nations program and studies, crafts, and competes

    Sponsor:  Paul Berk, 208


    Mosaic – creates an art and literary magazine each year of student and faculty submissions

    Sponsor:  Michelle Hadden, 223


    Mu Alpha Theta – math interest club; can compete with math skills

    Sponsor:  Cesar Kothe, 311


    Pet Therapy – learn about and implement therapy using pets both for club members and in community

    Sponsor:  Rachel Hathaway, Main Office


    Film Club – learn & practice techniques for photo/film; study and produce film projects

    Sponsor: Ali Karani, N110


    Pierian National Honor Society (Pierian) – Leon’s chapter of the NHS; good GPA and service required

    Sponsor:  Sarah Marquez, IA5 and Jennifer Roady-Lawson, 225


    Rebus Gestis – Latin language interest club

    Sponsor:  Al Kummer, N212


    Rho Kappa – Social Studies honor society; good GPA in Social Studies classes

    Sponsor:  Jeannine Meis, 203


    Science National Honor Society – good GPA in Science

    Sponsor: Michael Green, N104


    SGA – application, and election or interview required (is a class period leadership elective)

    Sponsor:  Joshua Stewart, 305


    Spanish Honor Society – good GPA in Spanish classes

    Sponsor:  Ali Karani, N110


    Thespians – drama/theater interest and performance

    Sponsor:  Lea Marshall, 101


    Tri-M Music Honor Society – available to performing arts music students with excellence in music and providing service to the music department/activities

    Sponsor:  Lee Commander and Tabitha Peck, Music Bldg


    Yarn – connect and create with sticks and string; stress relief and calming activities while being productive

    Sponsor:  Erica Sears, 211


    Yearbook – creates and designs Leon’s annual yearbook (is a class period elective)

    Sponsor:  Scott Evans, N203



    Freshman Class Sponsor – Ali Karani, N110


    Sophomore Class Sponsor – Kristi Smith, 313


    Junior Class Sponsors – Karen Stribling, 219 and Pam Weston, 215


    Senior Class Sponsors –Kim Garcia, 319 and Susan Holmes, Main Office



    Freshman Class Sponsor – Ali Karani, N110


    Sophomore Class Sponsor – Kristi Smith, 313


    Junior Class Sponsors – Karen Stribling, 219 and Pam Weston, 215


    Senior Class Sponsors – Kate Davis, IA2 and Kim Garcia, 319 and Susan Holmes, Main Office