What Are We About?

  • Welcome to Leon Math!
    If you want to be successful in this class, you must commit now to the following:
    • taking notes and paying attention in class
    • doing every assignment 
    • asking questions
    • reviewing notes and assignments for about 15 minutes per day
    • seeking additional help early if you need it


  • Here are some great ways to get additional help:
    • ask questions in class
    • find a classmate who you can call or text for extra help
    • make an appointment to meet with me after school
    • check out some of the links listed in Students Resources here on this website
    • ask me for recommended personal tutors
  • Giant Numbers


  • Your attendance is CRITICAL! I know people get sick, and I know that students attend activities outside of school. However, nothing can replace the one-to-one attention and face-to-face instruction I can offer you in class. Miss as little as possible: school is your job for now; treat it that way.
    If you are out of class, be sure to log into Canvas to check for announcements, notes, and assignments that you missed. Make an appointment to meet with me as soon as possible in order to clarify any misconceptions or to make up missed work.