Leon High School Math Department



  • Although math is not everyone’s favorite subject, it provides a vital set of skills for tomorrow’s work force. Everyone uses math in daily life, from brain surgeons to event planners to sportscasters to homemakers  — even if those skills are used subconsciously. The demands of future jobs require employees to arrive with higher levels of math and science skills than ever before.  With 260 years of collective experience, Leon’s math department provides face-to-face instruction that most students need for mastery in math skills. Computers have not replaced the understanding and patience of a skilled educator in the classroom.

    Leon High School boasts thirteen of the area’s finest mathematics teachers, who specialize in helping students achieve their mathematic goals. High standards across the department challenge students to put forth concerted and consistent effort.

    Nearly 2000 students pass through the 3rd floor math wing each day, where there are fifteen course offerings. Teachers use a variety of activities in the learning process as well as advanced technology to support traditional methods.



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  • Florida high school students are required to earn four math credits beginning with Algebra 1. Algebra 1 offers students the basic skills of algebraic thinking which lay the foundation for further math instruction. Figures and logical thinking are studied in Geometry. More advanced mathematical topics are introduced in Math for Data & Financial Literacy and Algebra 2.  Afterwards students may explore furthering their skills in Math for College Algebra and Math for College Liberal Arts (these are NOT college credits), and for students who intend to pursue rigorous college math courses, we offer Honors Probability & Statistics as well as Advanced Placement courses in Pre Calculus, Calculus and Statistics.

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  • Kim Garcia, department head

    Susan Crawford        David Huntley           Cesar Kothe                Amber McNair           

    Ryan Pennington     Brian Poche               Stacey Raley              Chuck Ringel 

    Kristi Smith                Martina Taylor          Pam Zimmerman         Robbie Zimmerman

    Marilyn Dube

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    • Do the best you can to be in school and class every day and be on time.
    • Do your assignment every day - SHOW YOUR WORK!!!
    • Study/review your notes every night, even if it’s just for 5 minutes and even if you don’t have homework.
    • Don’t fall behind. Get help the MOMENT you need it since math is a building topic.  Take advantage of any help sessions or one-on-one opportunity with your teacher.
    • Be active: listen, copy everything from the board, ask questions when you don’t understand, give your best effort at every opportunity.
    • Take advantage of the free tutoring offered every day during lunch in room 311 and every Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the media center from 2-3:15.
    • Rework homework problems you missed.


    • Keep an active eye on your student’s current grade in FOCUS.  Provide guidance with time management and organization. 
    • Maintain regular contact with the teacher and become familiar with teacher Canvas pages. 
    • Have a daily math chat! If  students are accountable to someone every day, they do better. Ask them to teach you what they learned today!