Mrs. Raulerson -Creating 2D Art & Creating Studio Art 2 Overview

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    Week 3 Assignment: Symmetry

    Week 4 Assignment: Asymmetry

    Week 5 Assignment: Radial

    Week 6 Assignment: Crystallographic

    Week 7 Assignment: Mood Mandala


    Due Dates: Week 3&4 Due- 4/27, Week 5&6 Due- 5/11, Week 7 Due-5/18  

    How to turn in your art:

    Your art project can be either emailed to me, uploaded in focus, or dropped in the drop box in front of the school.

    *If you do not have the technology available to take a photograph and turn it in digitally, you may do a small drawing of each type of balance and turn it in, with the cover sheet from your packet, to the drop-box in front of Leon.

    *Attention* for Photographs for week 3,4, 5,& 6 you must take TWO photographs for each photo turned in.

    1. Final composition Photograph
    2. An Evidence Photograph of your same subject matter with a picture of your name written on a piece of paper in the corner and the type of balance used.

    *You may do drawings instead of photographs if you prefer.

    For Week 7- Turn in a process photo and a photo of your completed work


    A= Met all the objectives of the project, used great craftsmanship, and showed 100% effort 

    B= Met some of the objectives and use moderately good craftsmanship and effort 

    C= Met very little of the objectives and or showed poor craftsmanship and effort 

    D=Met very little to no objectives and showed very poor craftsmanship and effort 


    Visual Arts Standards used: VA.912.C.2.1, VA.912.S.1.4, VA.912.S.2.1, VA.912.O.3.1, VA.912.H.11, VA.912.H.13, VA.912.F.3.4


    Please feel free to contact me via email M-F 

    My Available Contact hours will be M-F from 7a.m.-3p.m.