Contact Info:  850-617-5700 X1620
    E-mail: striblingk@leonschools.net
    Office Hours: 1:45-2:45 p.m. by appointment only
    Class Schedule:
    Red Days: 1st Period-CA2, 3rd Period-CA2, 5th Period-CA1
    White Days: 2nd Period-CA1, 4th Period-Planning, 6th Period-CA1
    Bell Schedule
    Periods 1st/2nd: 7:30-9:15 a.m.
    Periods 3rd/4th: 9:20-11:50 a.m.
    Lunch Main Bldg: 10:15-10:55 a.m.
    Periods 5th/6th: 11:55-1:40 p.m.
    All Culinary Students
    Please check out the course on Canvas.  Details regarding expectations and procedures are all found there.  You will also find Zoom info in Canvas for Digital Academy students.
    Step 1:  Log into Class Link
    Step 2: Click the Canvas App in Class Link
    Step 3: Click into your Culinary Arts class for more info.
    Make sure you are checking your school e-mail regularly and your parents are signed up on the listserv to receive important school information.
    Materials: chromebook/laptop, 1 folder/binder, loose-leaf paper, one highlighter, pens, pencils. 
    If labs take place, student need a head covering for labs (hairnet or bandana), apron, close-toed shoes, and face mask.
    Textbooks:  Students will receive an online access code to access the online Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts book.

    Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Textbook

    Textbooks Companion Websites:
    Culinary Arts 1 & 2:  Foundation of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts: Level One 2nd Edition

    Culinary Arts 3 & 4: Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts: Level Two 2nd Edition


     Class Zoom:  Please check on the Home page for Canvas.