• Videos of lessons are on your class (subject) calendar.  
    We work in class everyday.  Please come to class prepared with your notebook, pencil and calculator.
    I am available for help at 7am each morning.  Also available during 7th period Mon- Thur. Please tell me in advance if you plan to attend during 7th period as conferences and other meetings are sometimes scheduled during this period.  I try to put reminders on the board if I know that I will not be available on certain days.  Email me if you have any questions: skellya@leonschools.net
    Lessons are recorded for review and for students who are absent.  Always check the webpage if you are absent so that you can keep up with the lessons and assignments. Remember that new lessons are videoed for you to review or watch if absent.  Video links are located on the specific day on your class calendar.  There is a link (YouTube) when the video has been uploaded.  You MUST follow the link from my webpage to view the videos.  Searching YouTube itself will not work.
    The LAM2 textbook is online. The LAM2 textbook can be found at Openstax.org  Choose Math from the subject tab and then click the Elementary Algebra icon. The web-link is:  LAM2 Online Text
    The easiest way to view this document is on a computer.  Please download the pdf file and leave it on your desktop of quicker viewing.  The book does not view well on other devices.