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    As of right now, packets will be available for students to download or pick up from school starting Monday March 30, not sure of the time.  Please check the Leon website for that information.

    I will post the link here when it become available.


    Every student needs to check my website for notes, assignments, and tests.  

    There are other possible ways for us to communicate and and we will talk/use those as it becomes necessary.


    The packets are provided by the district for students to work on over the next two weeks.  We are scheduled to go back to school April 15th but that is subject to change depending of what happens with Covid-19 spread.


    My Chemistry I students will complete the packet.  Your level of completion and accuracy will determine your grade for this work.  There will possibily be an assessment afterwards for you complete.


    My Chemistry I honors students will also complete the packet with supplimental and additional assignments.  Your level of completion and accuracy will determine your grade for this work.

    There will be an assessment after the completion of the packet and other assignments.


    All classes, Chem I and Honors can find the notes and assignments here on my website and I will upload the assignments onto FOCUS as much as I can.

    Please check my website and FOCUS daily.


    You may email me with questions or use the remind app.   

    We have not used remind for classroom information or questions but I believe everyone has a link to the remind for there period of chemistry.

    We can start out by using both email and remind.    

    If you have a question send it in both remind and to me by email.  We will see which is easier or more convienent to use.


    We will get through this the best we can!  



    Mr. Wessner











    This website contains chemistry powerpoints, reference sheets, website links, and many other pieces of information that my chemistry students may find helpful.

    If you have suggestions of what else I could add to or change about the site to enhance your learning of chemistry, please send me an email.
    school phone 850-617-5700 x 1095
    Mr. Wessner