1. Join the Prospective SGA Remind @ecgh42 .  Once it loads the previous messages, read through and follow instructions.

    2. If you need further assistance or questions, email me directly at stewartj@leonschools.net  

    3.  For more information about SGA in general, go to our SGA webpage link under Student Activities and Student Government.  


    ATTN:  If you are coming to this site for Mr. Stewart's Econ Class info, you need to:

    1. Connect with Mr. Stewart's class Remind @fhacd3f because I will be sending out instructions this way during the COVID-19 Quarantine

    2. Log into your FoundationsDigital.com account and keep working - those are your assignments until April 14th.   

    If you need to contact me, please use the Remind App because it is on my phone.  I will receive questions and provide answers through this app.  My email is stewartj@leonschools.net , and I check it every day I'm at school, with few exceptions.  Usually, I will return your email within 24hrs. 

    We are NOT doing the county Econ packet as part of this class, at this time.  We will finish the online personal finance curriculum first.  Hopefully we will be back at school by Mid-May and can wrap up the few remaining things.  Since we are now at home through end of April, I will be adding the remaining modules after the ones that are posted are completed on April 14. 
    Electronic Office Hours: I am on Remind and will check periodically all day from 9am - 9pm, during "normal" school days.  Emails I will be checking in the morning between 9am and 11am and afternoon between 1pm and 3pm.