May 11, 2020


    Good Morning Students –


    Congratulations you have now made it through 6 weeks of distance learning packets!!!  Whew!  This is the last week of Assignments!!!! 

    You’ll need this link to this week’s Attendance survey. Weekly Attendance  We'll still have 2 more of these surveys.

    Finally, enjoy this link:  https://youtu.be/znZsKSkwQ6w  

    It is “You Will Be Found” sung by your very own Capital Singers Virtual Choir 2020 

    Thank you. I've really enjoyed having you as my class! – Mrs. Brinkman 


    Marine Science  

    This is what you should be working on now, what we’ll be taking about in this week’s call, and when your grades will be posted. 

    • This week’s Assignment: Most Awesome Animal Poster!  
    • The call-in topic: Whales & Dolphins 
    • The call-in date: May 14, 2020 @ 12:00 pm 
    • The call-in number: +1 850-988-5139  Conference ID: 695 278 677# 
    • Grades: Senior grades will begin being entered today, with last classwork turned into me next Wednesday, May 20 at noon.  No later. 
    • Grades: Underclassmen final grades will begin being entered next Monday, May 18th.  Have all your classwork to me by Thursday, May 28 at noon for grading. No later. 

    Optional: Dissection Day with Mrs. Brinkman 

    • The call-in topic: Dogfish Shark Lab 
    • The call-in date: Wednesday May 13, 2020 at 2:00 pm 
    • The call-in number: +1 850-988-5139 Conference ID: 571 181 432# 


    Honors Biology  

    This is what you should be working on now, what we’ll be taking about in this week’s call, and when your grades will be posted.  

    • This week’s Assignment: Human Anatomy Learning Packet: Week2 
    • The escape room link: Escape Room Lockbox


    • The call-in topic: Human Cardiovascular & Reproduction Systems  (will be recorded and posted for later viewing)
    • The call-in date: May 12, 2020 @ 9:00 am 
    • The call-in #: +1 850-988-5139  Conference ID: 863 299 503# 
    • Grades for this 4th Quarter will begin being entered next Monday, May 18th.  Have all your classwork to me by Tuesday, May 26, at noon for grading. 





    Mrs. Brinkman

    E-mail: BrinkmanS@LeonSchools.Net

    Google Voice: (850) 601-5040