• To access your ClassLink click here (or click the blue cloud on the top right of the page)

    Use your LCS Username and Password to login.


    *If you can't log into ClassLink - please call Leon High at 617-5700 for help*


    (Please set up your password recovery!!! CLICK HERE to find out how to do that!)


    IWarning F YOU ARE LOGGING IN FROM HOME: Students  MUST use their FULL username (Ex: 123456789@edu.leonschools.net, not just 123456789 like at school)



    Once Logged into ClassLink you will see the Canvas Tile somewhere on your Dashboard

    ClassLink Dashboard  CLICK CANVASCanvas Tile



    Your student dashboard will appear. CLick on the appropriate class to go to the homepage for that class.




    If you have questions about ClassLink, you can contact the following:

    If you can't LOG IN to ClassLink (if your password has expired) please call Leon at 617-5700 directly.


    If you have questions about Canvas, you can contact the following:

    • Please call the school at 617-5700


    Clearing a bad cached file on your computer

    • Please Note: - If you get an error when attempting to login to Focus, Renassiance, or Office365, you may have a bad cached login page. This is a locally cached version on your computer that you opened previously which has an error and needs to be deleted. 

      --- You can verify this is what is happening by using a different browser or opening a private or incognito mode window.  If it woirks fine when doing that, you need to clear your browsers cache. Make sure to remove the checkmark on password to prevent removing stored passwords.
      To erase this locally stored file, you need to clear your browsers cache.  Helpful instructions for your specific browser can be found here: http://www.refreshyourcache.com