• Culinary Arts1 is the first course in the Culinary Arts program.  This year long course includes academic and hands-on activities that relate to the topics being covered.  Students will be using the National Restaurant Association ProStart Level One Curriculum.  The class provides information that aligns with the Hospitality & Tourism career standards; applied learning in Literary and Math.  By the end of this course, students will have the opportunity to obtain SafeStaff® certification, which includes basic food handler training.  Florida Statute 509.049 requires this training to work in a food service establishment in Florida.  Having this training can make you highly employable in the food service industry.

    The Florida CTE Standards/Benchmarks covered through out the school year include:

    01.0  Recognize and identify career and employment opportunities.

    02.0  Demonstrate and incorporate workplace safety procedures.

    03.0  Demonstrate workplace communication skills.

    04.0  Use and care for commercial tools and equipment.

    05.0  Demonstrate basic kitchen essentials.

    06.0  Identify soups, stocks, and sauces.

    07.0  Understand principles of food science in cooking and baking techniques