• Advanced Placement Courses offered at Leon:

    English/Language Arts: English Language and Composition; English Literature

    Mathematics: Calculus AB; Calculus BC; Statistics; Computer Science

    Fine Arts: Art History; Music Theory; Studio 2D Design; Art Drawing

    Science: Biology; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Physics 1; Physics 2;

    Social Studies: American Government & Politics; Human Geography; Macroeconomics; Psychology; United States History; World History

    Foreign Language: French Language and Culture; Latin; Spanish Language and Culture

    AP Capstone: Seminar; Research


    2021 AP EXAM SCHEDULE      
      MON 5/03 TUES 5/04 WED 5/05 THURS 5/06 FRI 5/07
    8AM US Gov't & Pol - GYM   Eng Lit - GYM    





      Phys 1 - 214  Art Hx - GYM  
      MON 5/10 TUES 5/11 WED 5/12 THURS 5/13 FRI 5/14



    Spanish - 214 Eng Lang - GYM   Bio - GYM
    12PM Macro - GYM Psych - GYM Music Theory - CHORUS



    Enviro - GYM   
      MON 5/17 TUES 5/18 WED 5/19 THURS 5/20 FRI 5/21


    Latin - Pt. 7


    12PM Stat - GYM   US Hx  World Hx - Pt. 7


    French - 214 




    Comp Sci                                      

      MON 5/24 TUES 5/25 WED 5/26 THURS 5/27 FRI 5/28

     Calc AB/BC - GYM  

    Chem - Pt. 7      

    HUG  - Pt. 7 



    Blue: Paper/Pencil, In Person          
    Red: Digital, At Home          



    AP Predictor

    Students and parents can use the College Board AP Potential Expectancy Tables to help determine if AP courses are a good fit.  This table uses the student's PSAT scores to predict how well they will do on the AP exam for each subject.  See more at AP Predictor: 




    AP v. Dual Enrollment Comparison Chart