Welcome to the College and Career Resource Center

  • Welcome to Leon High School‘s College and Career Resource Center (or CCRC for short)! This online space provides a variety of resources for college and career planning.  The CCRC is a place where students can come to obtain information on two and four year colleges and universities, testing and test preparation, financial aid and scholarships, and career possibilities.

How Do You Want to Affect The World Around You?

    1. Self-Evaluation. Knowing your interests, values, skills, and personality will increase your odds of finding a career path that works for you holistically.
      • What are my interests?
      • What are my skills?
      • What kinds of things are important to me?
      • When do I feel the most successful?
      • How do I want to affect the world around me?

                         Floridashines.org is full of tools to help you identify your skills, interests, and values.

    1. What careers are out there? How do I figure out which careers would be a good fit for me?
      • After you identify your skills, interests, and values, explore the online resources listed below to learn more about which careers align with you.
      • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in the fields you are interested in pursuing.
      • Shadow a professional who is currently in a career you are interested in so you can have an idea of what a typical day would be like if you were to also pursue that career.
      • Take high school classes relevant to your interests.
      • Explore options through participation in related clubs, activities, community organizations, jobs/internships, etc.
      • Speak with your school counselors, teachers, family members, and others around you about careers you are interested in.


    Online Resources

    Florida Shines

    Tools to help explore skills, interests, and value in relation to career. Also includes resources regarding financial aid career exploration, and college prep.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    Career guidance featuring hundreds of occupations


    Resource to help better identify which careers may work for you based off of your personality type.

    Informational Interviewing

    An overview of how to learn more about a career you are interested in from people in that field.



    1. Choosing a career that’s right for you…right now. Career exploration is a journey. Most people change careers at least once in their lifetime. Don’t be afraid to have some options for NOW and LATER in your career decisions. Many people who are currently unhappy in their careers ended up there because of the allure of money or because someone told them they should go in a specific direction. Take time to learn about what you want currently and for your future and your chances of having a career you enjoy and helps you meet your goals are much higher.

Paths to Post-Secondary Education

  • Throughout your high school journey, it will be important to think about your life after Leon High school. What are you interested in? What are you good at? What will people pay you for? How will you impact the world around you? These are some big, and possibly intimidating, questions that you may or may not have the answers to yet.

    There are many educational paths you can take that can help you reach your desired goals; does your career of interest require an Associate's Degree from a community college or a Bachelor's Degree from a 4-Year University? Or, can you meet your goals with a certificate from a technical school? Below is a breakdown of the different options for post-secondary education.


    Types of Post-Secondary Education

  • Certificates

  • Associate Degree (AA, AS)

  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BS)

Where do I Go from Here?

  • Deciding on a post-secondary educational institution can be both exciting and terrifying; a choice that can seem to dictate whether you end up living the life of your dreams or an ultimate let-down. In reality, the institution you attend is only a small, yet still important, piece of the puzzle. Educating yourself on your options will take time. Don’t wait until the fall of your senior year right before applications are due to decide what you will do after leaving the halls of Leon.

  • Community college or Technical school Path

  • 4-Year University Path