• SPN 5/AP Course plan 2018-19

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  • SPN 3 Course plan First semester 2018

    Course Plan Fall 2018, First semester                   SPN 3

    1a semana, 13-17 de agosto

    lunes                       Intro a la clase

    martes                    More intro, classroom procedures; Preliminary lesson

    miércoles                More intro, classroom procedures; Begin L. 1

    jueves                     More intro, classroom procedures; L. 1, Story squares

    viernes                    More intro, classroom procedures; Begin L. 2


    2a semana, 20-24 de agosto

    lunes                       L. 2

    martes                     L. 3

    miércoles                L. 3, Story squares

    jueves                     L. 4, SUB

    viernes                    L. 4, SUB


    3a semana, 27-31 de agosto

    lunes                       L. 4

    martes                    L. 5

    miércoles                L. 5, story squares

    jueves                     L. 6

    viernes                    L. 6 SUB, Mini-prueba Review sheets


    4a semana, 3-7 de septiembre

    lunes                       DIA FERIADO

    martes                     L. 6, begin Mini-prueba review

    miércoles                L. 7, story squares, Mini-prueba Review, cont.

    jueves                     L. 7, Mini-prueba 1

    viernes                    L. 8


    5a semana, 10-14 de septiembre

    lunes                       L. 8 story squares

    martes                    L. 9

    miércoles                L. 9

    jueves                     L. 10

    viernes                    L. 10 story squares


    6a semana, 17-21 de septiembre

    lunes                       L. 11

    martes                     L. 11

    miércoles                FALL HOLIDAY

    jueves                     L. 12

    viernes                    L. 12, story squares


    7a semana, 24-28 de septiembre

    lunes                       L. 13

    martes                    L. 13, story squares

    miércoles                L. 14

    jueves                     L. 14

    viernes                    L. 15 Mid-term practice test


    8a semana, 1-5 de octubre

    lunes                       L. 15, Mid-term L’S 1-14

    martes                     L. 16

    miércoles                L. 16, story squares

    jueves                     L. 17

    viernes                    L. 17


    9a semana, 8-12 de octubre

    lunes                       L. 18

    martes                    L. 18, story squares

    miércoles                Review for Essay

    jueves                     ESSAY- 125 words                                             END OF FIRST 9 WEEKS

    viernes                    TEACHER PLANNING












    1a semana, 15-19 de octubre

    lunes                       Review for Oral Exams

    martes                    ORAL EXAMS

    miércoles                ORAL EXAMS, cont.

    jueves                     Food day periods 1 and 3                                  

    viernes                    Food day periods 4-6


    2a semana, 22-26 de octubre

    lunes                       L. 19       

    martes                     L. 19 Translation

    miércoles                L. 20 Review for Mini-prueba

    jueves                     L. 20 Review for Mini-prueba, Story squares

    viernes                    L. 20 Mini-prueba 2


    3a semana, 29 de octubre- 2 de noviembre          

    lunes                       L. 21

    martes                    L. 21

    miércoles                L. 22

    jueves                     L. 22, Story squares

    viernes                    L. 22


    4a semana, 5-9 de noviembre

    lunes                       L. 23

    martes                     L. 23

    miércoles                L. 23

    jueves                     L. 24

    viernes                    L. 24, story squares


    5a semana, 12-16 de noviembre

    lunes                       El día de los veteranos

    martes                    L. 24

    miércoles                L. 25

    jueves                     L. 25

    viernes                    L. 25


    6a semana, 19-23 de noviembre (SEMANA LIBRE)

    lunes                       DIA FERIADO

    martes                     DIA FERIADO

    miércoles                DIA FERIADO

    jueves                     DIA FERIADO

    viernes                    DIA FERIADO


    7a semana, 26-30 de noviembre

    lunes                       L. 26

    martes                    L. 26 Story squares

    miércoles                L. 27

    jueves                     L. 27

    viernes                    L. 28


    8a semana, 3-7 de diciembre

    lunes                       L. 28

    martes                     L. 28 Story squares

    miércoles                Mini-prueba review

    jueves                     Mini-prueba review

    viernes                    Mini-prueba 3


    9a semana, 10-14 de diciembre

    lunes                       Review for Essay

    martes                    ESSAY- 150 words; must be in past tense

    miércoles                Review for Oral exams

    jueves                     ORAL EXAMS- from Story squares, must be past tense

    viernes                    ORAL EXAMS- cont.


    10a semana, 17-21 de diciembre

    lunes                       Exam review NO EXEMPTIONS FROM EXAMS

    martes                    Exam review

    miércoles                SEMESTER EXAMS-EARLY RELEASE

    jueves                     SEMESTER EXAMS-EARLY RELEASE

    viernes                    SEMESTER EXAMS-EARLY RELEASE


    WINTER HOLIDAY- DEC. 24-JAN. 4 (Teacher planning Tues. Jan. 7th, students return Wednesday 8th)

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  • List of classroom supplies needed

    Español 3, 5/AP

    Dra. Sullivan, Nettles 210

    2018-2019 Required Materials List


    Required Materials                                        

    1. A three-ring binder to be used ONLY for Spanish class.
    2. A set of pocket tabs to be labeled as:
    3. Homework
    4. Classwork
    5. Story squares
    6. Vocabulary
    7. Grammar worksheets
    8. Loose-leaf paper, pencils/pens. Highlighters are OPTIONAL, but RECOMMENDED.
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  • Classroom procedures

    Dr. Sullivan’s classroom procedures



    a.)           Entering the classroom- You will enter the classroom QUIETLY!! That means NO NOISE!!

    If you are making noise, you will go BACK OUT and ENTER AGAIN, QUIETLY!!



    b.)           Do not bring food or drinks to class. You may bring water or a drink that has a screw top.


    c.)             Take out your Spanish folder/notebook and a writing implement.


    d.)           Sharpen your pencil if needed.


    e.)            Look at the board where assignments are written and begin working on bell work if there is one.









    a.)           Raising your hand - No calling out, wait for the teacher to call on you!




    a.)           Hall passes- You will be given 4 hall passes for each grading period. Any passes you do not use, you will turn those in at the end of the year for extra credit.



    a.)         As soon as the bell rings to start class, all phones must go AWAY.

    b.)         There will be times when you will be allowed to use your phones at the end of class, normally.

    Cell phone usage at the end of class will depend upon class behavior however.

    c.)           If you are caught texting in class, I will confiscate your phone and a parent will pick it up at the end of the day at Student Affairs. I will hand you a Ziploc bag, and a small card, you will fill out the card with your name and the period number, place both the phone and card in the Ziploc bag and hand it to me.

    d.)         Failure to turn over your phone when I ask for it will result in an automatic 3-day suspension, as per the Student Handbook (Agenda book).

    e.)         There is a cellphone charging station at the front of the room. This is the ONLY place in the room that you may charge your phone. Must be plugged in before the bell. 




    a.)         There are 2 big green bins in the front of the room. Please recycle all paper and plastic/glass.

    b.)         Do NOT crumple your paper!!! Keep it flat and recycle it!!

    c.)         If you throw the balled up paper (or anything else!!) across the room, you will receive an automatic ½ hr. lunchtime detention.




    The bell to dismiss class does NOT mean for you to get up immediately but rather it is the sign for me that class is over. I am the one to dismiss class. That is to say, do NOT start packing up your stuff before I give the signal. You must stay in your seat until I dismiss the class. No gathering around the door!


    2. ) When you have a disagreement with me about a disciplinary measure I have taken (such as asking you to switch seats) you may NOT argue with me during class time. To signal that you would like to speak to me about the issue, indicate this by showing me a “T” sign, for time out. I will then acknowledge you and I will speak with you at the END of class (not at that moment).
    3. ) If you choose to continue arguing, the consequence will be double, 1 for the original infraction and 1 for arguing with me and taking up class time.
    4. If you are the type of student that insists on jumping into the fray when I am dealing with another student, you will come to see me AFTER SCHOOL on FRIDAYS. I call these folks “Student lawyers”.



    1. SILENCE DURING ANNOUNCEMENTS- Positively NO talking during announcements!! As soon as you hear the beep for announcements ALL talking must cease immediately!!!


    1. COMING TO ATTENTION – I will raise my hand in the air when I want you to get quiet and listen to me. You will get quiet and raise your hand in response to indicate that you have seen my hand raised.



    1. FIRE DRILL: As soon as you hear the fire alarm, stop what you are doing, stand up and QUIETLY file out of the door towards the exit that is facing Meridian Road. Please take ALL of your belongings with you. Turn right outside of the double doors and head to the parking lot at the McDougal house right next door. Stay together because I will be taking roll.


    11.) Procedure for making up work:

    Check folders that will be placed on top of shelf as you walk in the door. Folders will be marked by day and date. Check the folder for the day(s) you missed and make up that work. You will have one full week from the day you come back to make up your work. This applies to quizzes and tests as well. Also, looking at Pin Point will let you know what assignment you missed. If you did not get the chance to finish the work we did in class, you must turn that work in the next day. You will NOT be given a reminder.

    If you have an unexcused absence for that day, I will check your work in, but I will not count it until you get your absence excused. This also applies to quizzes and tests.



    I would prefer that you NOT chew gum in class. But if you must, I do not want to hear it (as in cracking your gum) or see it (as in blowing bubbles). Please dispose of your gum responsibly, i.e. do NOT stick it under your desk.



    Please do NOT write on your desk, even if it is in pencil. If you come to class and there is writing on your desk, please let me know immediately so that I will not blame you. If you are caught writing on the desk, you will receive a ½ hr. lunchtime detention in my room and you will clean desks.



    In the event that you lose/misplace/forget to bring your copy of a worksheet to class (especially when we are doing a 2-sided worksheet) you will be given another copy once I determine that I have enough copies for all the absentee students. The second time you forget your copy, you will be given another one with a 20% reduction in points. Each subsequent extra copy you receive will add an additional 10% reduction in points.

    1st time- no reduction

    2nd time- 20% reduction

    3rd time- 30% reduction, etc.





    Every day each student receives 10 points for full participation, which means responding in a respectful manner when called upon in class. Failure to participate will result in a loss of those 10 points. In addition, you may also lose points for the following:


    a.)         Falling asleep in class- 5 point loss and you may NOT make up the work you missed in class.

    b.)         Doing other work in class- 5 point loss

    c.)         Unexcused absence- 10 point loss






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  • Classroom rules

    Dr. Sullivan’s Classroom Rules

    1. Be On Time- See LHS handbook
    2. Focus on Learning
    3. Listen when “La Profe” is talking
    4. Use appropriate language (no cursing!)
    5. Come prepared (notebook, writing implement, homework, etc.)
    6. You may chew gum as long as I do not see it or hear you pop it!
    7. No grooming in class (no combs, make-up, etc.)
    8. Follow LHS dress code- See LHS handbook
    9. Cell phone use- Only at the end of class and only if/when I say so! Behavior counts!


    First offense- Warning with #’s 2, 3 and 4. For #1 you will receive a T in the grade book and a warning. #5 you will be sent to the office.

    Second offense- 30 minute lunch-time detention

    Third offense- 30 minute detention and phone call home.

    Fourth offense- referral

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