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  • Who Are Our IB Prep Students?

    Diverse. Our IB Prep student population consists of students representing over 20 different countries and cultures. We are proud to boast star athletes, award-winning mathletes, sought-after scientists and published authors in our IB Prep magnet student population. In addition to academics, IB Prep students are encouraged to be involved in their school and local community in numerous ways. We are proud of the diversity of our students in so many ways!
    Curious About the World. The IB Prep Curriculum, through our teamed structure, allows for cross-curricular connections in each class and at each grade level. So you won't just be reading Thomas Payne's Common Sense in English class; you will also be learning who Thomas Payne was as a person and his influential role in society through your US History class. You won't just be learning positive and negative integers in math class; you will also be applying positive and negative charges to protons and electrons in your neighboring Science class. Our IB Prep students are enabled to take their learning to other parts of their education and apply it in real-life scenarios through our unique teaming structure.
    Motivated to Learn. Though diverse, all of our IB Prep students come to Fairview IB Prep Magnet with the common goal of being a part of a challenging, accelerated, advanced program of study. We create a community of motivated learners who support each other through a rigorous program.
    21st Century Learners. Through a recent technology grant, each IB Prep classroom is equipped with Smartboards, projectors, audio systems, printers and scanners. 75% of the academic classrooms in the IB Prep Program also boast their own portable Tablet Lab, allowing each student their own device to type, write, research and take notes during class. Through guided lessons, students are using technology to further their understanding of the world and their role in it.
    Supported. A rigorous program for our middle school students would not be possible without massive support from a variety of individuals. The first tier is their team of grade-level teachers: four teachers working together specifically with the same group of children to make curricular connections, be a smaller community within the larger context of Fairview, and conference as a team to provide additional academic support as needed. The second tier is the IB Prep Administration office: Mr. Lee Cameron, the IB Prep Coordinator, provides direction and guidance to all IB Prep students and their families, in areas as wide-ranging as academic concerns to social transitions. The third tier - and perhaps the most important - is our IB Prep Parents! Parents are encouraged to participate and be involved at Fairview. From joining the Parent Partnership to volunteering at different events, parents are welcome to our Falcon Nest!


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