Email tacketta@leonschools.net to request that an absence be excused.
      The email should include:                                                                           

      • The student’s name
      • Dates / periods of the absence
      • Grade
      • Reason for absence and a phone number
      • Please do not use family emergency as a reason for absences.
      • Absences must fall under the following to be excused.
        • Illness or medical care 
        • Appointments (must provide documentation from the medical or service provider)
        • Death/Bereavement in the family
        • Religious holiday (must fill out religious holiday request form)
        • Financial and other special circumstances insurmountable conditions 
        • School sponsored-field trips
        • Pre-arranged absences for educational purposes 


      All students need permission from the parent or guardian to sign out. The individual picking up the student up must be listed as an emergency contact in FOCUS. 

      • To sign out and pick up your child, please go to the front office. Bring your state issued photo ID and have the FOCUS app ready with the student information. 
      • To have the absence excused, follow the steps above.


      My student was marked absent. What do I do?
      This means your student was not physically in class. Student should contact their teacher regarding make up work via email or upon their return to school. 

      My student was tested for COVID and is awaiting results. What do I do?
      Email kerrisonb@leonschools.net to have the absences excused. Student should stay home until test results are received. Contact their teachers of the classes missed for make up work.  If results are negative, your student can return to campus.

      My student tested positive for COVID, or the Department of Health requires quarantine. What do I do?
      Email kerrisonb@leonschools.net for the absence to be excused.  Please contact teachers to make arrangements for missed assignments.

      What do the attendance codes in FOCUS mean?
      A - Absent (Unexcused until excuse note is received)
      E - Excused Absence
      L - Late (arrived to class 10+ minutes after the tardy bell)
      P - Present
      R - Tardy Unexcused
      T - Tardy Excused
      V - Signed out Early (Excused Absence)
      Y - Signed out Early (Unexcused until excuse note is received)