• Hello! Welcome to the central location for information regarding my online classes this school year. I thank you in advance for your flexibility, compassion, grace, and patience!

    Quality Points

    Just a reminder that you are still responsible for obtaining the required quality points this school year for you to be promoted to 8th grade. You must have at least 4 quality points to be promoted.

    • A=4 points
    • B=3 points
    • C=2 points
    • D=1 point
    • F=0 points

    Office Hours

    I will be available to answer any questions via e-mail Monday-Friday from 9am-11am. You, of course, may still e-mail me outside of those designated hours, but the response time may not be as prompt.


    As we work online, all grades will be counted as classwork grades unless otherwise indicated as an assessments. In order for you to get your ATL points, you must take notes under each video that I post throughout the upcoming weeks. The notes do not need to be highly intensive, but enough to demonstrate that you were following along with the video and understanding the content.


    All assignments will be done through OneNote. (A help guide for this online notebook can be found in the “Important Documents” section of my site.) Each week, I will inform you of the assignment details via a direct e-mail to you as well as post it in my “Assignments” section of this site. If you ever have any questions about an assignment, please e-mail me.

    My e-mail: adamsb@leonschools.net