Community Service Requirements

  • The following chart gives a general overview of the community service requirements and how they can be fulfilled. Please note that these examples come from actual Fairview IB Prep students, and merely give a sampling of activities; it is by no means an exhaustive list.





    Number Required



    Creativity is interpreted broadly to include a wide range of arts activities as well as the creativity students demonstrate in designing and implementing service projects.

    * Chorus / band performances

    * Creating a webpage / brochure for a teacher or volunteer group

    * Dance recitals

    * Organizing a service project for FMS or another group

    * Poetry Jam

    * Design and paint a mural at FMS

    * Sign language classes (no credit)

    * Teen Court

    * Drama productions

    * Creating bulletin boards for teachers

    6th: 5 hours

    7th: 7 hours

    8th: 10 hours


    Half the hours spent in practice may be counted under creativity if appropriate.


    Action is when you are actively moving your body. Action can include not only participation in individual and team sports but also taking part in expeditions and in local or international projects.

    * Individual/team sports

    * Karate/self-defense class

    * Gymnastics/Dance

    * Hiking / Canoeing

    * Boy Scout / Girl Scout Expeditions

    * Garden Club

    * Walk-a-thons

    6th: 5 hours

    7th: 7 hours

    8th: 10 hours


    Half the hours spent in practice may be counted under action if appropriate.


    Service is when you are actively providing a service a person or organization in your community.

    * Organizing food at Second Harvest

    * Beach cleanups

    * Helping a teacher after school

    * Jr. Beta activities

    * Library Volunteer Program

    * Kids, Inc. of the Big Bend volunteer

    * Help at an elementary school picnic/carnival

    * Walk dogs for a local animal shelter

    * Call BINGO at local nursing home

    6th: 5 hours

    7th: 7 hours

    8th: 10 hours



Community Service FAQs

  • What are the guidelines for determining the appropriateness of an event? (i.e. Does this count?)

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    1 - The activity must serve the needs of the community or environment.

    2 - You may not receive credit or payment in any way.

    3 - You must have an adult supervisor who is willing to document what you have done.

    4 - Activities cannot be passive; for example, attending a concert, art exhibit, sporting event or museum does not count. If these four criteria are met, you have an appropriate activity! If you are unsure, please contact the IB Prep administrator before starting the activity to ensure appropriateness.

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  • When can I start documenting my activities for the year?

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    The IB Prep Administrator will meet with you at the beginning of the year to explain the program and answer any questions you might have. This year, hours completed between June 1, 2014 and the final collection date can be counted towards your 2014-2015 requirements.



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  • Can the three areas of service overlap?

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    Yes. For many activities that students consider for community service, the three areas can overlap.  For example, a student working in the Garden Club for three hours might count one hour as Creative, because he planned out  the garden’s structure; one hour as Action, because he spent time preparing soil, planting, weeding and watering; and one hour as Service, as the garden he planted was a service to our school in terms of beautification.



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  • Who can sign as an adult supervisor?

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    All activities must be monitored by an adult; i.e. a head counselor, volunteer coordinator, or club sponsor, but NOT a parent/relative (including step-parents).  It is essential for students and adults to monitor carefully each activity or project in terms of appropriateness, quality, and student participation. 



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  • What do I do if I lose my community service book?

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    Replacement books are $5 and may be obtained from the IB Prep coordinator in the front office. Log sheets turned in unattached to an official book will not be counted for credit.


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