Community Service Requirements

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    Completing community service hours is a requirement of the IB Prep program and is designed to allow students an opportunity to get involved with their school and community in a non-academic setting. 6th grade will complete 10 hours of community service, 7th grade will complete 12 hours of community service and 8th grade will complete 14 hours of community service before the assigned date. Community service activities serve either a need in a community or the environment, or expand the student’s understanding of the world as expressed through an activity.  The basic question to be asked to ascertain the appropriateness of an activity for IB Prep community service is “Whose needs are being met?”  The answer must be a needy individual, community, or the environment.  “Need” is defined by the social definition, not by “My mother really needs to have these copies made for her business.”  Activities include: participating in a park cleanup, helping a neighbor with yard work, assisting with a food drive, etc. Paid hours are not eligible (for example: If you babysit, but you get paid for it, those hours are not eligible). Hours that result in a classroom grade are not eligible.

    Your hours must be verified by an adult, and you must include the name, phone number, and signature of the supervising adult, for all of your recorded hours. A parent may sign for hours, as long as the activity impacts people beyond your household/immediate family. For instance, if your parent took you to pick up litter along a local walking trail, you can have your parent sign for that service; however, your parent may NOT have you do yard work at your own home and consider those service hours. We know that this year, service options are limited, so your parent in some cases may need to fill in as the “supervisor” of your service.

    The IB Prep teachers will send out information about service opportunities we know of, and they may even schedule service events. All parents should follow the IB Prep Listserv to keep up with information regarding your service hours and opportunities.

    *If you are not sure if an activity will qualify for service hours, please contact Ms. Thompson




Community Service Files

Community Service FAQs

  • What are the guidelines for determining the appropriateness of an event? (i.e. Does this count?)

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    1 - The activity must serve the needs of the community or environment.

    2 - You may not receive credit or payment in any way.

    3 - You must have an adult supervisor who is willing to document what you have done.

    4 - Activities cannot be passive; for example, attending a concert, art exhibit, sporting event or museum does not count. If these four criteria are met, you have an appropriate activity! If you are unsure, please contact the IB Prep administrator before starting the activity to ensure appropriateness.

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  • Who can sign as an adult supervisor?

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    All activities must be monitored by an adult; i.e. a head counselor, volunteer coordinator, club sponsor, or parent.



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