• World and U.S. History

    World and U.S. History

    Dear Students and Parents,
    I know these are very interesting times, and we are living history at the moment. Every generation goes through a major world event. My parents remember JFK and Apollo 11, 9/11 happened when I was a freshman at FSU, and now my 6th and 8th grade students will always remember this pandemic the world is going through. With that being said, we will make the best of it and get through this. Somehow this will unite the world together someway.

    We are going to do our best with distance teaching. I have emailed each student in outlook an introductory message and please respond to the internet access question on Edmodo. This will be for an ATL grade. Edmodo codes have already been emailed again, in case you forgot your login. I will email out planbook codes again as well as attach lesson plans to Edmodo.

    Office hours: Monday -Friday from 2-4. Email is the best way to get a hold of me (johnsond4@leonschools.net).

    Google Phone # - 850-629-5836 (available from 12-2)

    You must have 4 quality points to pass this class, with one of those points coming from the second semester.

    We still have a lot of content to cover:

    6th grade - Monotheism, China, Rome and more (Assignments -Use Edmodo first for this class, followed by Teams and OneNote)

    To complete the curriculum for sixth grade, we will use OneNote for daily work, Edmodo for daily work, assessments, weekly check-ins, instructions and announcements. Outlook will also be used for annoucements and turning in work when directed. Teams will be used frequently for online chats and lessons. Look for an announcement on Edmodo or outlook about that. I will try and be on Teams during my office hours. We will also use our online textbook in classlink (McGraw-Hill connect-ed) and YouTube.

    8th grade - Jefferson, Jackson, Expansion and the Civil War (Assignments -Use Edmodo for this class, we will meet on Teams to only have discussions)

    Tp complete the curriculum for this course we will use mostly Edmodo for daily work, assessments, notes, check-ins, lesson plans, instructions and announcements. Outlook will also be used to turn certain assignments in. Teams will be used for us to chat online and for me to review any key concepts that I want you to know. I will post something on outlook or Edmodo when I will review a lesson on Teams. We will also use our online textbook in classlink (McGraw-Hill connect-ed) and YouTube.

    I know this is a new way of learning for most of us, so let's be patient and make the best of it.

    Mr. Johnson