• Title 1 - Survey

    The Leon County Schools’ Title I Office is administering the Family Engagement Survey for Fall 2020. The survey allows your school and our district’s Title I Office to understand the aspects of the parent/family and school relationship. Parents/guardians of students at your school should be given the opportunity to complete the Family Engagement Survey. The information gathered will be used to guide continual improvement within our Title I schools to better serve our students and their families.

    The survey administration period is Monday October 12, 2020 through Monday, December 7, 2020.

    The Family Engagement Survey is available online and by paper in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Swahili.  Parents/guardians are able to select their language preference by clicking on the appropriate link:

    English: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_eng

    Spanish: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_spa

    Creole: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_ht

    Swahili: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_swa

    Paper surveys (see print-ready attachments) may be used for parents/guardians who are unable to access a computer or device with internet connection. The two-page survey should be printed front and back on a single sheet. Please make sure that all four corner markers and barcode are clearly visible after printing the surveys. Some printers may cut the bottom part of the document and make the survey unreadable. If completed on paper, the surveys can be collected and returned to the school’s Parent Liaison. The district’s Title I Office will coordinate with each school regarding the receipt of the paper surveys.