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    Welcome to Applied Civics at Fairview Middle School

     Remember you are still responsible for earning your quality points for the 4th quarter to be promoted next year . It is your responsibility to keep up with work each week and to be "checking in". If you have questions regarding your quality points, please email me: thompsonc1@leonschools.net.  


    Email: thompsonc1@leonschools.net 

    I can be reached by phone at: 850-583 - 6926 


    I will have office hours via TEAMS or email daily. This will be from 11:00 - 1:00 I am also avalible outside of office hours for video chat by appointment. You need to send an email to set up a time. You will be required to check in with me once a week. This can be either through email, video or chat. This will count as an ATL grade. 


    All classes need to be checking their Outlook student email every day for information

    2nd period - 6th period : We will continue to use our OneNote Notebook for assignments as well as TEAMS for video conferencing and discussions. 

    7th period: We will be using TEAMS platform. TEAMS can be accessed via Classlinks and Office 365. If you are stuggling with this process please email me.