• General Info:

    1. Student Body Elections are usually held each spring in conjunction with our SGA application process.  This spring, however, due to the quarantine, we are postponing the class officer elections until the fall.  The SGA Application/Interview process will carry on as 'usual', and the election of Student Body President and Student Body Vice President will take place online through Leon.voting4schools.com  

    2. Club 'meetings' have been suspended until further notice, due to the quarantine.  The Inter Club Council (ICC) also will not meet for the remainder of the school year.  We will resume next fall with regular meetings.  As clubs identify their new leadership, contact information will be requested for the ICC President (incoming Student Body VP) to coordinate the ICC for the coming school year.

    3.  Please see our SGA Webpage, under the "Activities and Athletics" drop down menu. It is a link under the Student Government tab.