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    Welcome Back to the First Day of School,

    I am very excited to get back to what I love to do, TEACH. This year all students will be back in the classroom, and I could not be more excited. Zoom classes are a thing of the past, and I am loving the idea of seeing my students up close and personal. I will be using Canvas to prepare my lesson plans and to push out some assignments, but this will definitely be the year to bring paper and pencil back..  It is going to be very important that we give each other that same compassion that we had last year, because we still have some hurdles to climb.  

    This quarter, I hope to teach Elements of Short Stories , Informative Writing, and our first Novel Study.  We will have digital access to all of the online software that you will need to complete the course and everything will be accessed through our LMS known as Canvas.  This is definitely our comeback year, and school will be just about the same as you remembered. I am going to be flexible as well with my students, however, due dates and rules need to be followed explicitly. Get ready, get set, and let's get busy! You are welcome to look at last school year's welcome video to learn a little bit more about your teachers.


     This is the symbol you will want to look for in classlink to log-on to Canvas. 


    Canvas makes teaching and learning easier. (company motto)


    Sixth Grade Team Video Fall 2020 (Learn some interesting things about your teachers here)




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    Karen Kirkendoll

    6th grade IB Prep Team Leader
    Language Arts Teacher