Our testing coordinator pulled up all the Juniors in danger of not graduating and automatically signed them up for this special school-administered SAT day. Students wanting to take the math portion were given a sheet of pink paper from their math teachers informing them to sign up. She is administering the math portion for students needing the Algebra EOC and the reading/writing portions for students needing the FSA requirement. 




    As of now, students must pass the Algebra EOC and the FSA State Standardized test to graduate. The state announced last month that they will be ending the FSA starting next year, but I don't believe that has been finalized and they will be implementing some other graduation requirement, I'm sure. 

    As of now, if a student fails the FSA, but passes the reading/writing portion of the SAT or ACT, the school can use those passing SAT/ACT scores to meet the FSA graduation requirement, and the math portion can be used to substitute the Algebra EOC.

    The SAT/ACT scores are used in college for level placement purposes, too. If a student takes the ACT or SAT and does not do well, the post-secondary school may decide to place the student in remedial courses before they can begin college-credit classes. Some scholarships may also require the ACT/SAT, too. 

    Next year, the testing coordinator will again pull the Seniors at risk of not graduating and they will be given this school-administered opportunity again. Students not needing the test for graduation but would like the opportunity to take the SAT at school instead of at a testing center can sign up on their own and pay the school for the test. The advantage of a school-administered SAT is that it is not timed. When you take the ACT/SAT at a testing center, they are timed, and it can be stressful for some students.  The SAT only allows one school-administered test day per year. To take the SAT & ACT on your own, you can register and sign up for a test through their websites: ACT.org and SAT.org . If your family qualifies for free lunch, your guidance counselor can give you vouchers to pay for the test. You'd just type in the voucher code in the payment line and it will be free for you. The SAT is $55 and the ACT (without the writing option, required by some post-secondary schools but not all) is $60. 


    You do not need scores for both tests, but most students choose to take both and then use the highest score for graduation/college purposes.


    SAT Practice Tests: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/full-length-practice-tests


    ACT Info & Practice Tests: https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/Preparing-for-the-ACT.pdf