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Microsoft Teams 101


    Microsoft Teams is an applicaton that can be used on any of the following technologies:

    Desktop computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, iphones, and androids

    It can also be downloaded from the apple app store or the google app store for FREE!


    This program has so many amazing benefits especially to help us stay connected and on task during this unique crisis. The main features we will be using on a weekly basis are as follows:

    1. "Files"- in addition to being posted on my website, I will also drop the assignments in the microsofts teams groups. 

    2. "Meet Now" - This is the feature that will allow us to virtually have class. Students will be given a specific time for their class to start and can use this feature to join in the class discussion. *NOTE I ask that students mute their end so that there is no distractions and everyone can hear my directions. However, if there is a pertinent question please feel free to unmute to ask your questions.*

    3. "Chat" - If parents or students have a personal question please feel free to use this feature. 


    4. "Posts"- If a student or parent has a question they believe would be helpful for the masses please post question in this section.


    5. "Assignments"- This feature will allow me to create quizzes, test, and other assessments. More information on how we will use this coming soon. 


    Other features may be used later, but for the week of 3/30-4/3 these are the only features we will be using. 

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