• English 1 Honors: Please visit Mr. Maguire's English Page for more information.  

    We are fortunate to have wonderful textbooks aligned to the Florida teaching standards. Not only are they smaller and more student friendly than traditional texts, but they also contain great fiction and non-fiction selections. In addition to the text, we will explore exciting literature such as The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill A Mockingbird and Anthem.

    I adhere to the following grading policy adopted by Leon County Schools: 

          90%-100%   A

          80%-89%     B

          70%-79%     C

          60%-69%     D

          Below 60%   F      

    Grades for this class are weighted as follows:
    70% assessment/15% homework/ 15% class.


    • Academic Integrity violations can include cheating, plagiarism, and unauthorized group work on any assignment, project, or test. Violations will result in an automatic zero for the assignment, your citizenship grade will be lowered to a 1 for the grading period and a notice of academic dishonesty may be reported by the guidance office on college admissions applications.
    • You have the same number of days as you were absent to complete any missed work.  You are allowed three late homework assignments per nine-week period, provided they are turned in the next day with a late pass. If you are absent when a long-term assignment is due, your work is still due that day.  A parent conference will be necessary before I will accept work otherwise.
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