• Leon High School Science Department

    Master Syllabus

    Honors Anatomy and Physiology: Room N101

    Course Description: To provide the student with an opportunity to learn about the human body and its functions.  The student will also be provided the opportunity to apply anatomical concepts and physiological functions to practical experiments.


    Instructor: Mr. Johnson        Phone #: (850)617-5700 ext. 1830       e-mail: johnsonr@leonschools.net


    Textbook: honors: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Martini, 2006. Replacement cost $95.00.

                                     Human Anatomy and Physiology, Elaine N. Marieb. 2004. Replacement cost $72.00.


    Discipline and Attendance/Tardy Policies, Cell phones, dress codes, and Hats: See student handbook 1st offense: warning. 2nd offense: 30 min. detention. 3rd offense: phone call home and 60 min. detention.        4th offense: referral. 


    Course Expectations: Integrity- Respect for others, self, and honesty.



           Academic integrity violations can include plagiarism, cheating, and unauthorized group work on any assignment, project, or test.

         If a student is caught the following will occur:

    • The student will receive an F with zero credit.

    • The citizenship grade will be lowered for the grading period.

    • A notice will be recorded with the guidance office. 

    Any occurrence of academic dishonesty may be reported by the guidance office on college admissions applications.


    Exams: There will be a midterm and final exam.


    Required Materials: Textbook, writing utensil, notebook paper, and 1-1.5” three ring binder with five dividers.


    Grading Policy:     A              90-100

                                    B              80-89

                                    C             70-79

                                    D             60-69

                                    F               0-59


                    *Your grade is based on a point scale:    Total points earned x 100 = ______% grade

                                                                                     Total points possible


                    Note: Grades are based on tests, quizzes, labs, homework, and class work. You may earn bonus points, but there are no extra credit projects. If you miss the opportunity to earn bonus points because of being absent from class for any reason you may not make it up, and will have to wait for another opportunity.

    You must take your make-ups within five (5) school days of the original exam date. All make up exams will not include any bonus point questions. After five school days beyond the original test date, you will not be allowed to make up any missed tests, quizzes, labs, or class work. Make-up work will be graded after all on-time work and will, therefore, take somewhat longer for me to complete and return to you.


    Assignments: Include name, date, class, period, and name of assignment.


    Lab Donation: Based on the materials and supplies necessary to provide adequate labs, a Lab Donation of $20.00 is requested for the purchase and replacement of the following: chemicals, dissection materials, and lab/computer supplies. 

    The Lab Donation is due by Wednesday September 9, 2016.


    Help Session: Make arrangements with the instructor or Leon Tutoring Services (National Honors Society).

                              Tuesday and Thursday in room302 after 6th and 7th periods.


    Course Outline:

    Unit 1      Human Body Orientation

    Unit 2      Chemistry

    Unit 3      Cells

    Unit 4      Tissue

    Unit 5      Integumentary Systems

    Unit 6      Bones, Skeleton, and Joints

    Unit 7      Muscles

    Unit 8      Nervous System

    Unit 9      Endocrine

    Unit 10    Cardiovascular

    Unit 11    Lymphatic

    Unit 12    Immune System

    Unit 13    Respiratory System

    Unit 14    Digestion

    Unit 15    Urinary

    Unit 16    Reproductive System