• Frequently Asked Questions 

    Q: Does joining MCJROTC obligate me to serve in the United States military?

    A: No, this class in no way obligates/pushes you toward joining the military. However, if you are interested in joining the military, this may be your first small glimpse of military traditions, drill, and other events that might confirm or change your interest.


     Q: How much do uniforms cost?

    A: The uniforms are free to you the cadet. The Marine Corps pays for all uniforms and instructional material. You are responsible for the upkeep of all uniform items and are required to return all items upon leaving the program.


      Q: Do the instructors yell at you/get in your face?

    A: This is not boot camp. The MCJROTC program runs like any other class. The instructors, referred to as the Senior Marine Instructor (SMI) and the Marine Instructor (MI), give lectures, present slide shows, show videos, and incorporate hands on training into the lessons. If you want to experience a very brief version of boot camp, a Basic Leadership Training (BLT) is open to qualified, interested cadets during the year.


     Q: What are the benefits of joining MCJROTC?

    A: Upon completion of three years of the program, and choosing to enlist in the service, you are automatically eligible for promotion to the pay grade E-2. This puts you a year to two years ahead of your peers, and amounts to hundreds of dollars per month in pay. Even if you decide that the military is not the career you desire, the principles and training of the MCJROTC program are widely respected on both job and college resumes. In addition cadets are eligible for a Marine Corps Foundation Scholarship.


     Q: Is the Physical Training (PT) difficult?

    A: We "PT" once a week, on Friday. The workout consists of push-ups, curl-ups, and running amongst other creative exercises. There is no set number of repetitions that are required for the program, only for ribbons, and at drill meets, medals. Much like a gym class, you are required to dress-out in the MCJROTC PT gear, which will strongly affect your grade. Your numbers will be recorded on our boards for review, and it is each cadet’s goal to match and beat his/her previous numbers. The highest numbers in each event are recorded and the top ranking individuals are then placed on the first string of our PT Team that competes at all drill meets. Effort above numbers!


     Q: Are the males and females separated?

    A: The class is mixed with both males and females. The PT is done as a unit/class; however the female cadets pair-off with other female cadets, and males with males. On orientation/drill trips, the female cadets sit in the front and males in the back, separated by a row of empty seats. Fraternization is strictly prohibited. Dating within the unit will result in loss of job, dismissal from team, and dismissal from unit. Relationships within the MCJROTC program are strictly professional.


     Q: What leadership positons are available in MCJROTC?

    A: The MCJROTC is run by the cadet staff, and supervised by the SMI/MI. The chain of command, which you will learn about very quickly in the program, consist of jobs from Cadet Battalion Commanding Officer (BNCO)- Cadet Public Affairs Officer (C/PAO).  Jobs are delegated to cadets who have shown outstanding leadership potential, motivation, dedication, and high personal standards. Each job is vital to the unit, and all positions are taken very seriously. In most cases, freshmen are observed for these qualities and then selected for positions in their sophomore year.  Outstanding freshmen cadets may be placed as Team Leaders and worked into a position. Each of our competing Drill/Academic/PT/Orienteering/Color Guard teams has a team commander. A team commander can be freshmen-seniors; however they must meet all qualifications, such as memorizing the drill routines and other criteria necessary for fulfilling the job.


     Q: What field trips does MCJROTC go on?

    A: We are fortunate to be located in the N. Florida region where there are three naval bases within a fairly close proximity, NAS Jacksonville, NS Mayport, NS Kingsbay, Pensacola NAS, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany GA.  At Naval Air Station Jacksonville or Pensacola, we have an opportunity to go every other year to the Blue Angels airshow, and have even flown the official training simulators. The unit also travels to Parris Island S.C. for orientation training for a week with recruits. Every other year we travel to PAT Thomas Law Enforcement Academy for Outdoor Living Training.  Each of these field trips is exclusive to MCJROTC, and might otherwise be impossible to take part in. 


     Q: I have heard of the "Military Ball"; what is it?

    A: The military ball is an annual event within the Unit in which we recognize the Unit's, as well as individual cadet's efforts and awards. We also celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday. This event is formal, and cadets as well as parents are encouraged to participate. A formal dinner is prepared, and a dance follows the ceremony. Dancing is tasteful, usually featuring ballroom dancing and slow dancing (with daylight between you and your dancing partner). Pictures are taken at a minimal expense, and you're very likely to walk away with a ribbon or two that you did not know you were eligible for.


    Q: What teams are available?

    A: We have Four Drill TeamsUnarmed Basic, Unarmed Exhibition, Armed Basic, and Armed Exhibition. Freshmen cadets who show tremendous effort and potential will usually land a position on the Unarmed Basic team, and less frequently the Unarmed Exhibition. You must first learn to march without rifles before you can march with, much less spin/march with them. Remember, each cadet is competing for the same drill team positions, so competition is high. We also have a Color Guard, which does football games, and competitions. The Color Guard is reserved for experienced/skilled marchers, but all cadets, including freshmen are invited to train for each position. Freshmen are used in our home football games. We also have a Rifle Team that compete in competitions here at our school. The positions are open to the highest competitors, freshmen-seniors.

    New & Returning Cadets interested in joining the Drill Team or Rifle Team will need to select this course on their course registration form (*See Guidance Counselor).  All those who select this course will be required to attend Drill Camp or Rifle Camp, for two weeks, prior to the first day of school: July 30 – August 9. This camp will be tryouts for both teams.  Those students/cadets not making the teams during camp must have their schedule adjusted to a regular ROTC LE level class through guidance during the 1st week of school


    For additional information on the MCJROTC Drill & Rifle Team Camp, 
    Please go to MCJROTC Drill & Rifle Team Camp
    Click on LEFT side menu for Drill & Rifle Team Camp Registration Flyer.


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