• ESOL/Art/Music Field Trip to Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

    Wednesday May 13, 2015

    930 am--130 pm
     This school year 2014--2015 students studied about Caribbean culture, art and music. In art class, students created sea turtles, tropical flowers, self-portrait collages and Haitian-styled tap tap buses. In music class, upper grade students learned to play the steel drum.
    We also attended this field trip as a culminating activity. ESOL 1st--3rd graders, Ms Hess' 2nd grade class and a select group of 4th graders learned about marine animals at the lab. 
    lab1 lab2 lab3 lab4  
     Many thanks to Mrs Hernandez, Mrs Perez and other parents who volunteered as chaperones!
    Teachers who attended the field trip were Ms Chang/ESOL, Ms Jones/Art, Ms Iacobelli/Music, Ms Hirst/4th and Ms Hess/2nd.
    Many many thanks to Target Field Trip grant for funding this fun and educational field trip!