Story Project Preface Exhibition

    May 7--May 11, 2007

    Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

    Reception: Thursday, May 10, 2007, 5:00--6:00 pm

    This year, 5th grade ESOL students participated in this exhibit in partnership with the museum's upcoming exhibit, The Story Project. As part of a thematic unit study on snakes, students created an image based on Cathy Hathaway's painting titled Down the Wa-Wacissa. Students were required to interpret her image and include snake(s) in their illustration. After that, they composed a tanka poem about their image. Then poems and illustrations were attached together to display as a book at the museum.



    Stupid crazy boy

    Snakes make sounds on the tree tops

    Cannot hear snake sounds

    Superman new camera clicks

    Gigantic alligator


    Son feels delighted

    Prevail against his best friend

    Ninjas fight in war

    Rattle snakes finish whispering

    Snake drinks after eating mom


    In the dark forest

    Flowing water never stops

    Trees stand tall and strong

    Fog settles between green leaves

    The man floats in the water


    Plant leaves on the tree

    Enormous snake has ten eggs

    Cold breeze blows the leaves

    Tropical sun shining bright

    Snake in cold crystal blue water


    Summer hot sunshine

    Big white fluffy pretty clouds

    Big leaves in water

    Enormous tall jungle trees

    Colored snake in vast water