Field Trip to

    Tallahassee Museum

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013


    This year, ESOL students 1st--5th grade, Ms Jones' art students (Mr Taylor's class) and Ms Iacobelli's music students (Ms Bush's class) went to the Tallahassee Museum to learn about Hawaiian dance and music. Mike and Nancy Redig, co-owners of In Step Studio, and their colleague, taught students how to play the calabash gourds and bamboo sticks. Students also learned to dance the huki lau. During the spring semester, students had been studying about Hawaiian art, history and music.

    In January, fifth graders listened and viewed Ms Linda Hall's puppet art. Afterwards, they created their own puppets using natural materials, just like a lot of Hawaiian arts and crafts. The puppet characters were based on a Hawaiian folk tale. Ms Iacobelli kindly created a video of their puppetry presentation.

    In May, Pineview reading coach, Ms Barbara Mitchell, presented a slideshow about Hawaii. She also showed her craft collection and her late daughter's artwork (who moved to Hawaii and was inspired to create paintings and jewelry based on Hawaiian culture). Afterwards, Ms Jones treated her students to a lunch of Hawaiian Punch, Hawaiian sweet roll, pineapple chunks, Spam and macaroni salad. Yum!

    From January 16--April 8, ESOL students read a biography about Queen Liliuokalani: Lydia and the Island Kingdom and listened to her famous song, Aloha Oe. They also learned about the Hawaiian islands from the book Hawai'i by Shelley Gill and Hawaiian history from Story of Hawaii Coloring Book by YS Green. Students learned to summarize what they had read orally and in writing. Afterwards, they created a collage about Queen Liliuokalani and Hawaii that was exhibited in the Generations art show at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts in May.

    Many thanks to the following parents who chaperoned during our field trip: Ms Wilson, Ms Graviria, Ms Kim!

    This project was funded by the LCS Foundation mini-grant and the Target Field Trip grant.