ESOL Summer Program


    June 2003



    During 2002--2003 school year, Pineview received $5900 in Title III funds from the federal government. We decided to use this money for an ESOL summer program. The program ran from June 9--26, Mondays through Thursdays, 8am--2pm. We served about 15--20 students in grades K--5. We provided bus transportation for students who lived outside of Alumni Village. Our staff consisted of Sara Chang, ESOL Teacher and Priscella Rodriguez, ESOL Assistant. In addition, we received great volunteer help from the following people: Haekyung Cha, intern from the FSU MMED Department; Tony Clum, graduate of the MMED Department and former intern at Pineview Elementary; students from Flagler College--Ms Harris and Ms Rolle, and Dr Poole's FAMU students--Ms Gaines, Mr Smith, Ms Newsome, Ms Lowndes, Mr Ash, Ms Thomas, Ms Jolly, Ms Crawford, Ms Kelly and Ms Turner. Many thanks also go to Ms Phyllis Porter, Director of our Title I office, who provided us with basic supplies.

    During our 12-day program, students worked on prompt writing (Word of the Day provided by students), math, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and phonics/phonemic awareness. We also watched videos such as Lion King, Charlotte's Web, Chicken Run and Ice Age. We played a spelling game daily and sometimes we played sight word bingo too. The upper level students also created a forest diarama from construction paper and their lunch boxes after reading a book titled Rainforest Animals. These students also wrote their own story based on the book and presented it to the whole class and the front office staff and administrators. All in all, our summer program was a success because we were able to provide academic enrichment activities and one-on-one individual assistance to our ESOL students.