Study Unit about the Water Cycle
    From September 26--December 14, 2011, ESOL students studied about the water cycle.
    Students performed the following:
    1. Viewed a video on Learn 360 titled Where Does the Rain Go After It Falls? and a video about the water cycle on Brainpop
    2. Illustrated the water cycle
    3. Conducted a water evaporation experiment
    4. Acquired vocabulary such as condense, precipitate, evaporate, etc.
    5. Read Magic School Bus Wet All Over and wrote a book report
    6. Composed a narrative story and illustrated it
    7. Interacted with guest speaker Faith Eidse from the NW Florida Water Management District and learned about water runoff 
    Many thanks to the American Water Resources Association Florida Section (www.awraflorida.org) for granting me funds to conduct this unit on the water cycle.