All About the Manatees




    This year, for our special grant project, ESOL students K--5 studied about the endangered manatee, Florida's state marine mammal. Students based their research on 6 questions:

    1. How does a manatee act? 2. What does a manatee look like? 3. How does a manatee have babies? 4. Where does a manatee live? 5. What does a manatee eat? 6. Why are manatees endangered?

    Students used the following resources:

    Manatees by Patricia A Fink Martin

    J Rooker by Jan Haley

    Manatee: A First Big Book by Donna Corey

    Manati: Un Libro Inicial by Donna Corey

    Manatees: Florida's Gentle Giants--A Coloring and Activity Book by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC)

    Manatee Messages: Elementary School (video) by Save the Manatee Club

    Manatee Adventures (video) by Audubon

    Jamie Hayes, guest speaker from the Florida FWCC

    and the following websites:

    Save the Manatee Club

    Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

    Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

    Caribbean Environment Programme

    Manatee Observation & Education Center

    Sea World

    Afterwards, students compiled their research into a book, All About the Manatees or a display board with illustrations. Kindergarteners also made paper windsocks and diaramas. The culminating activity for this project was displaying the students' research projects at the annual HuManatee Festival at the San Marcos State Historic Site in St Marks. This festival was held on Saturday, May 15, 2004. Many students participated in this event along with their families: Mohamed, Steven, Najeia, Xiaoming, Rui, Gopika, George (former ESOL student), Jesus, Jonathan, Rosa Maria, Rosa Isela, Patrick, Nikola, Serafima, Maria, Josselyn, Oscar, Javier L, Javier R, Danny and Rafael. That's a 58% participation rate!






    Rosa Maria and Rosa Isela (2nd grade)



    Bethlehem and Serafima (2nd grade)

     Gopika and Danny (1st grade)



    Rui (2nd grade) and Mohamed (1st grade)



    Sajjad (5th grade)



    Xiaoming (4th grade) and Josselyn (5th grade)



    Jacqueline and Briana (kindergarten)



    Rafael and Javier (kindergarten)



    Najeia (kindergarten)



    Nikola and Teodoro (kindergarten)



    Lingbo and Lidiya (kindergarten)



    Cynthia and Ronaldo (2nd grade)



    Steven (2nd grade)



    Jonathan (1st grade)



    Oscar (2nd grade)



    Kiet (5th grade)



    Abelardo and Irving (3rd grade)



    Patrick (5th grade) and Javier (4th grade)



    Tania and Rosa (4th grade)



    Maria (5th grade)



    Jesus (5th grade)


    This project was funded by the ING Education's Unsung Heroes grant award.