Water Cycle 2012

    Students conducting the water evaporation experiment

    During the fall semester of 2012, ESOL students studied about the water cycle with their intern, Karin Devick.

    Students performed the following:

    1. Read The Magic School Bus Wet All Over, Water Everywhere, The Water Cycle and The Water Cycle Coloring Book

    2. Illustrated the water cycle and created a water wheel

    3. Conducted 3 experiments: evaporation, desalination and water filtration

    4. Performed a readers' theater script about the water cycle

    5. Interacted with Florida State University guest speaker/scientist Ahmed Islim. He taught students how to measure water turbidity using a turbidity meter. Students also compared different water samples.

    6. Interacted with guest speaker Faith Eidse from the NW Florida Water Management District and learned about water runoff and turbidity.

    Students making the water wheel

    Students conducting the desalination experiment

                  Students performing readers' theater about the water cycle

    Ms Eidse' visit                                                   Ms Devick explaining about the filtration experiment

    Mr Islim explaining about turbidity

    Students examining their science fair display based on their filtration experiment

    Many thanks to the American Water Resources Association Florida Section (www.awraflorida.org) for granting me funds again this year to conduct this unit on the water cycle.

    Many thanks also to ESOL intern, Karin Devick, for designing and conducting this unit of study as part of her internship at Pineview Elementary School.