ESOL field trip to view art exhibit Terrestrial Forces


    Tuesday, October 12, 2004


    Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts




    Once again, this year, 32 ESOL K-5 students participated in a special joint project with MoFA. In conjunction with the art exhibit, Terrestrial Forces, students studied about "Clouds" for 2 weeks. During the first week, students learned about clouds and the water cycle. During the second week, students focused on writing--using similes and descriptive words. At the museum, students viewed the entire art exhibit. Then each student chose an image and drew a picture based on that image. Back at the classroom, younger students wrote about the picture using 2 similes. Older students wrote a make-believe story about themselves being in that special place in their picture. They had to use descriptive words based on the 5 senses: taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing. This project was funded by the Museum.

    The following students participated in this field trip: Jeyson, Gabriel, Jose, Marilia, Jhonder, Oscar, Jacquelin, Rosa Isela, Rosa Maria, Rui, Hidea, Mohamed, Jonathan, Gopika, Danny, Rosario, Yueqi, Javier, Lingbo, Rafael, Teodoro, Briana, Najeia, Serafima, Cynthia, Jessica, Ronaldo, Mercedes, Xiaoming, Shubham, Juan, Abdallah

    The following parents served as chaperones: Irma Sanchez, Maria Rodriguez, Alma Barragan, Myrna Portillo, Federico Ramos, Junko Maezawa