Coming to America
    An Immigration Project
    Generations Preface Exhibit: In Our Steps
    May 7--June 1, 2012
    Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
    Reception: Friday, May 11, 2012, 5:00--6:30 pm
    From January 20--March 6, 2012, ESOL students studied about the general history of U.S. immigration. They participated in the following activities:
    Viewed a video on www.unitedstreaming.com titled Moving to America
    Read Coming to America by Betsy Maestro
    Read My Diary from Here to There by Amada Irma Perez
    Interviewed their parents about their immigration experience
    Wrote a report based on that interview
    Created a collage based on that interview
    Exhibited their collage artwork at the museum
    The following students participated in this project: Victoria, Thiago, Santiago, Gismely, Abdullah, Martin, Keven, Rita, Tin, Bessy, Flavio, Mufidah
    Many thanks to Xiaoshuai Yuan, MMED intern during the spring semester, for his help in carrying out this project!