ESOL Parent Meeting

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    6:00--7:00 pm

    Pineview Media Center




    During our 2nd annual ESOL parent meeting at Pineview (15 of 25 parents attended= 60%), parents learned about 3 programs to help their child improve academically at home:

    For more information about the first two programs, please see their links on this website.

    This year was the first time I introduced the Parent Resource Kits. Using Title 3 funds, I purchased the following materials and gathered them into individual backpacks based on each student's grade level and language background.

    Bilingual dictionaries

    You, The Investigator (how to conduct a science fair experiment/project)

    Homework Dictionaries for Parents (multilingual book form and English CD)

    Flashcards: Counting 1-25 in English and Spanish, Telling Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

    FCAT practice booklets in Reading, Math and Science

    Alphabet Bingo

    Multiplication worksheets and table (laminated for repeated practice)

    In addition, DISC Village, a local juvenile justice agency, donated school supplies and $50. With the $50, I purchased K-1 level story books in English and Spanish and gave them to our 4 kindergarten families. Needless to say, parents were excited to receive these books. As for the school supplies, I displayed them on a table and invited parents and students to choose freely what they needed. By the end of the meeting, most supplies were distributed to our ESOL families. Many thanks to DISC Village for their generous support and donations!