Science Experiment Workshop for Hispanic Parents

    Monday, January 23, 2006

    6:00--8:00 pm

    Presented by Maria Mena, Youth Services Coordinator for Leon County Public Library

    Science Experiment Workshop for Non-Hispanic Parents

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    6:00--7:00 pm

    Presented by Sara Chang, ESOL Teacher



    For this workshop, parents learned about the scientific method in conducting a science experiment. Parents needed to learn this in order to help their child with his/her science fair project at home. By conducting this workshop, I hope to educate and inform parents about the importance of conducting a science experiment correctly at home. I also informed parents about the upcoming deadlines and the science fair judging process. Parents also saw an example of a display board.

    On Monday evening, Ms Mena presented a PowerPoint entitled "Taller Sobre Proyectos de Ciencias" and provided information about free resources available at the public library. Sixteen Hispanic families attended the workshop. (16 of 30 Hispanic families=53%)

    On Tuesday evening, I highlighted some main points in the book, "You, The Investigator". Luckily of the 6 parents who attended this workshop, 4 were professional scientists so we had very valuable input from these parents. (6 of 9 non-Hispanic families=66%)

    In addition to providing "You, The Investigator/Tu, El Investigador " in the Parent Resource Kits for parents to use at home, I also provided the following books for parents to checkout:

    1. Science Fair Projects: Helping Your Child Create a Super Science Fair Project by Dana Barry, Teacher Created Materials Inc.2000

    2. Science Fair Projects by Daryl Vriesenga, McGraw-Hill,1992

    While parents were attending the workshops, their children read Accelerated Reader (AR) books and took tests, colored pictures or drew pictures.

    I would like to thank the following parents for attending these workshops:

    Ms Rodriguez, Ms Marines, Ms Flores, Mr and Mrs Marquez, Ms Aldaz, Ms Ruiz-Yahure, Mr and Mrs Juarez, Mr and Mrs Salazar, Mr and Mrs Lamilla, Ms Portillo, Mr and Mrs Salazar, Mr and Mrs Torres, Ms Medina, Ms Medina, Mr Laureano, Mr and Mrs Alcala, Ms Mao, Mr and Mrs Tabtimtong, Mr Mwegoha, Ms Chen, Mr Mbele, Mr Sanchez